Award Winning Close up Magic

Mark Specializes in the art of Close up Magic. Of the various types of magical entertainment available, close up magic is the most intimate to be found. It is not done on a stage, with large props and glamorous assistants, it happens right under your nose, with playing cards, coins and rubber bands.

Close up magic is suitable for any event because it can be taken to the guest, there is no need for a stage. Cocktail parties, product launches, conferences, and social gatherings instantly become more memorable. If your guests are standing Mark can mingle between them, entertaining them where they stand, setting a vibrant atmosphere and breaking the ice for strangers giving them a common talking point.

If you are organising a meal then close up table magic could be on the menu. Mark could greet your guests as they arrive and then visit all of your tables before and between courses, providing a private show for each table and ensuring that no one misses out.

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