Helpful Party hints

Party planning is important to ensure success. This page contains a few useful hints and tips I have learnt while performing and organising children's parties and Disco`s.


Simple Party Food is Best for Children

Children’s birthday party food is always best kept simple.

Bake and decorate the birthday cake yourself and have your child help for that “quality” time together. 

Whatever you do please don’t offer a big choice and don’t offer too much food. The birthday party children are exited and they are not starving – much food inevitably means a lot of waste.


It’s a good idea if possible to supply name badges/stickers for the children as they arrive. It helps you and the entertainer if you can call them by their first name.


Far too many parties are spoilt by going on for too long. Two hours is ideal for a really successful party for children age between 3 and 10.


There must be an adult in the room at all times to assist any child who may need the bathroom etc.


Avoid serving sweets or drink during the magic show. Children can’t shout the magic word with a mouth full of sweets, and this is when drinks will be spilt.


Tie a bunch of balloons to the front door or front of drive; it guides guests to the party and sets the mood


Get together with one or two other friends whose kids' birthdays are near your child's and host a group party.   This works especially well for children under age 6. They won't care if the party isn't just for them.   You'll save big by splitting the expense between a few families.


Save squeakers, blowers and balloons till the end - or they could ruin the party! Hang the balloons up, out of reach, and give one to each child as a going home present


Try if possible to restrict the party to those children who are within a year or two of the birthday child's age. Seven year old Jonny may play with his three year old sister at home, but neither he or his friends will play with younger children at a party.


Invite only special guests
When planning a party, it's natural to feel you have to invite your child’s whole class form school.   Resist the temptation.  It is all right to only invite special friends.   Think about it.   If there is a known trouble maker would you want to invite that individual and possibly ruin your child’s special day?  No way.

Fewer friends invited also means less space required and makes it easier to organise.   Limit yourself to a fixed number of guests and don’t go over the pre-set number.

Do not invite more children to your party than your house can cope with. 15 to 20 is a good number for a house party, and 20 to 30 is a good number for a hall.


Hire a Professional Party Entertainer

This might sound strange if you want to keep costs down but hiring the right party entertainer can save you money.

Here’s why. A good professional children’s party entertainer has a lot of knowledge about organizing parties. He knows what works what doesn’t and he knows where savings can be made and where it is better not to skimp. He knows what halls are good and those to avoid. Use his knowledge, be guided by him and not only will you have a great party but more importantly no worries or stress. It has to be said that this is probably the last area you would want to cut costs especially as the one aspect of parties that children tend to remember is the fun and laughter that a good professional children’s party entertainer brings. This is way above having the biggest venue or best food.

The best way to get a good entertainer is recommendations from other mums and dads, I get 75% of my work this way.


Check that the entertainer is covered by public liability insurance like myself. This is very important!! It helps to protect you and your children against any unforeseen circumstances

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